Connecting the Recurly integration

The Recurly integration enables Brightback to cross-check your billing system to validate any Brightback Saved or Watch List customers haven't canceled or let their accounts lapse in other ways beyond Brightback, and calculate the dollar amount in revenue saved (or lost) per customer that hits your Brightback Page. Connecting the Recurly integration is just a few simple steps and starts in Recurly.

In Recurly, head to the Integrations settings in the left sidebar menu.

Select API credentials.

You'll want to use a Private API key. Select Add a Private API key.

Name your API Key Brightback (so you know what you're using it for later) and add Notes if you'd like to remember how it's being used.

Identify that the API key will be used for a third party application and select Other, and label as Brightback.

Save your changes and your API key will generate! Copy the API key and head back to the Brightback App.

In Brightback, head to the Settings in the lower left sidebar.

Find Recurly under Integrations and select Connect.

Pop in the API key you copied in the last step, Save and Continue

You're now connected! Let us know and we'll make sure everything is square on our end.

Once you've enabled the Recurly integration, you'll see a Revenue data card start to populate in the Brightback Settings menu showing you the last sync, and how many accounts have matched to a customer in Recurly.

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