Connecting the Stripe integration

The Stripe integration enables Brightback to cross-check your billing system to validate any Brightback Saved or Watch List customers haven't canceled or let their accounts lapse in other ways beyond Brightback, and calculate the dollar amount in revenue saved (or lost) per customer that hits your Brightback Page. Connecting the Stripe integration is just a few simple steps, and starts in the Brightback Settings menu. 

In Brightback, head to Settings in the lower left side bar.

In Settings, find the Stripe integration under Integrations and select Connect.

Select Connect to Stripe.

Stripe is an OAuth integration, so you'll need to sign into your Stripe account to connect.

Sign into Stripe using your credentials. Once you do, you'll be prompted to enter a verification code that arrives as a text message.

Enter the code, and fill out the Brightback Form to activate your account. 

Once you do, select Authorize Access and you'll be all set!

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