Reporting on Offer performance

Get deeper insights into how your Brightback Experiences save customers with the Offer Performance report nested under Insights in the left sidebar.

For each individual Offer or Offer category, see a breakdown:

  • Views: # of customers who viewed that Offer
  • Accepted offer: # of customers or sum of revenue for those customers who clicked on the Offer CTA
  • Accept rate: # of Views / # of Accepted offer for the given time period
  • Saved: # of customers or sum of revenue for those customers who clicked on the Offer CTA and were subsequently saved
  • Offer conversion rate: # of Saved / # of Accepted offers who are eligible to be saved (past their save window)

You can also opt to view the totals of saved customers by number of customers or in saved revenue, if you're using one of our billing integrations

Display by Offer name or Offer category

You can view Offer Performance by  Offer name or Offer category

Offer name is the specific Offer tested during the Brightback Experience. For example, if you have two different pause offers, one for two months and one for one month, you would want to name your offers accordingly so that your Offer Performance Report makes sense. You can rename offers in the Offer Library

Offer category presents the high-level overview of performance for broader types of Offers. We have six different Offer categories:

  • Discounts: Percentage off, dollar amount off
  • Plan Change: Downgrades to a lower priced plan 
  • Extensions: Suspending payment while continuing service
  • Pauses: Hold accounts, pause service and payment
  • Support & Training:  Coaching calls, training videos, help guides
  • Customer Feedback: Email feedback, chat with support

In the Offer category view, it's also possible to breakdown by Offer name, giving a view of both the category and the specific Offers that make up that category. 

Export Offer Data for Repurchase Analysis

You can view the individual customers who have Viewed and Accepted a given offer in the Offer Report Drawer. To access this view, simply click on the offer name you would like to see data for. This will pull up a drawer that displays 50 results. You can filter by fields in the drawer to see who has accepted an offer for example or sort by the offer accept date. 

From this view, you can export the data set for further analysis or to join to your subscription data to track repurchase cohorts by Offer Type. 

Change Offer Names in Experience Manager 

To change the display name of an offer, go to the Experience Manager and select the Offer Library tab. From here you can edit offer content including changing the offer name. This offer name change will carry through to the Offer Performance Report! 

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