Getting to know the Experience Manager

Brightback redirects cancelling or downgrading customers through Brightback Experiences to view Loss Aversion Cards, gather insights from the Exit Survey, deflect cancels with Offers. It all starts in the Brightback Experience Manager.

Get your first Brightback Experience ready to launch in 4 simple steps:

  1. Manage your brand
  2. Edit page copy and survey elements
  3. Choose Loss Aversion cards
  4. Customize your Offers
  5. Placing Offers and Loss Aversion
  6. Watch a video:

    1. Manage your brand

    Brightback looks and feels like your app for a seamless customer experience. Add logos, color scheme, and even custom CSS in the brand manager so your customer’s never knew they moved to Brightback.

    To change the overall look and feel of your Brightback Page, head to the Brand Manager in the top right corner of your Experience Manager, and reference our step-by-step guide covering each editable element: Manage your brand.

    2. Edit headlines, copy, and survey elements on your Brightback Page

    Brightback redirects cancelling or downgrading customers through Brightback Experiences to view Loss Aversion Cards, gather insights from the Exit Survey, and use Offers to help them reconsider. Each Experience leads to a Brightback Page that holds all of these elements together. In the Page editor in the Experience Manager, edit headlines, copy, and survey elements on the Brightback Page.

    For an in-depth breakdown of each Brightback Page element, view our Brightback Page guide.

    3. Choose Loss Aversion Cards

    Remind cancelling customers of all the good times you’ve shared with our Loss Aversion Cards. Choose two cards to winback hearts and minds in the moment. Loss Aversion Cards can show account activity, features, personal messages, social proof, invitations for engagement, or freeform images. 

    To learn how to create and add Loss Aversion Cards, check out our Loss Aversion card guide.

    4. Customize your Offers

    Offers save customers from canceling by delivering the right fix to the right customer. The new Offer Library allows you to manage your offers in six categories: pauses, discounts, plan changes, extensions, feedback, and support & training. Here you can edit the content of your offers and manage their placement to drive performance through Offer Testing. 

    Click into any Offer to edit text, details, or links related to the Offer. To learn more about creating and editing Offers in the Offer library, check out our guide: Understanding Offers.  

    5. Place Offers in Experiences

    There are two ways you can place your Offers and Loss Aversion Cards in Experiences. The first is via the Offer or Loss Aversion Card editor. When you click into an Offer to edit it, navigate to the Placement tab to select where you want to put that Offer. 

    On this Placement tab, you place a single Offer or Loss Aversion card into experiences, which can be a bit limiting if you have multiple Offers you want to put in a single Experience. To meet this use case, we have the Offer placement editor which can be found within the Page editor. 

    To learn more about Offer and Loss Aversion Placement, check out Placing Offers and Loss Aversion Cards.

    Ready for more?

    Already gone through those steps and looking for more to get started with? Explore Flows to expand Brightback to other instances, like downgrades, trials, multiple languages, or different products or brands.

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