Placing Offers and Loss Aversion Cards

The key to driving a successful test in Brightback is finding the right mix of Offer and Loss Aversion Placement. The Experience Manager provides two main ways to place an Offer, via the Offer Library or via the Page Editor. The two placement tabs work slightly differently, so here is a quick overview of how to use them. 

Place Offer via Offer Library

When you are editing an Offer or Loss Aversion card in one of our Libraries, you have the option to click over to the Placement tab for that individual card. This view allows you to select the Reasons or Loss Aversion slots that you want to put that individual card into.

In this view, you have the option to select different experiences and places that Offer into each one. Within an Experience, you are resented several locations where the Offer can be placed. Today we support two major Offer locations, in Loss Aversion Cards, and on Survey reasons. Each slot will be available to check, and if there is currently an offer in that location it will show to the right. Selecting a location that already has an Offer placed in it will remove the existing offer and replace it with the new one. 

Note: Only Loss Aversion supported Offer Templates can be placed in the Loss Aversion card locations. If the Offer template you are editing is not supported in Loss Aversion locations, these will not be selectable and will be grayed out. 

Place an Offer via the Page Editor

With the first Offer Placement option, you are limited to only placing a single Offer or Loss Aversion card at a time. However, there are often times where you want to place more than one offer in a single experience. To meet this use case we have added the ability to place an Offer via the Page Editor. To do so navigate to the Pages tab in the Experience Manager and select Manage offer placement. This will take you to the Offer placement editor for that experience. 

From this view, you can select from a dropdown of all your saved offers and pull them into the Experience. You also can access this tab via the Page Editor directly. 

You can also add an LA card directly within the Page Editor itself by clicking on the Edit Loss Aversion icon. 

To learn more about Offers, check out Understanding Offers.

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