A/B Testing in Brightback

Another type of test we see a lot in Brightback is a simple A/B test. You can create an A/B test by creating two copies of the same page and changing the one element you want to test in the second copy. 

In this example, we will set up an A/B test of the Skip vs. Discount Loss Aversion Card within the Monthly Audience. To do so we create two Pages, one with each variation of the LA card we want to test. 

Your Page placements should look something like the image above. Note: it is very important to ensure that you keep all the remaining elements of the two experiences constant to create a true A/B test. If you change one of the variants, you run the risk of skewing the test and polluting your results. 

We then go configure our Monthly Audience routing to 50/50 split between the two test Pages. 

In the example above we have configured our A/B test of the two different LA offers within the Monthly Audience. An A/B test can be deployed anywhere in your Targeting tree, but the key is to only isolate the single variable to change between the two experiences. This will allow you to truly identify if that variable impacts your key metric (deflect rate, offer accept rate or LA offer accept rate). 

Once your test is live, please notify your CSM and we will set up tracking on our end to monitor it. If you have any further questions about how to set up a test in Brightback, please contact support@brightback.com. 

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