Navigating the Brightback Settings Page

 We have an updated Settings UI in Brightback that allows us to bring the admin and configuration of Brightback into our Admin App. 

The first thing you will likely notice is that we have split out settings by App vs. Company. This allows admins to configure both App and Company level configurations in Brightback. Each of these sections will contain a sub-page within it that contains the various components you need to control your Brightback app. We will be expanding the settings functionality over time so if there is something you don't see here but would like to be able to control, please send a feature request to

App Level Settings

Company Level Settings

App Level Settings

Alerts & Webhooks



Coming Soon - not available yet


Company Level Settings

Some of the settings in Brightback will be configured at the global Company level and thus apply to all of your Applications. Those settings will live here. 


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