Supported Property types, Formatting and Naming convention for Brightback.js

Implementing Brightback.js into your app is relatively straightforward with a few key considerations to keep in mind in regards to passing data to Brightback. 

Note: Data imported from enrichment sources takes on key names and data type from provider automatically.  

Making a precancel request to the Brightback server requires the addition of one or two properties along with your Brightback app_id depending on your configuration. 

The Experience and Audience manager supports the following property types

integers or decimal numbers
dates as numeric strings or literals

Allowed date formats:

datetime          = time | date-opt-time
time              = 'T' time-element [offset]
date-opt-time     = date-element ['T' [time-element] [offset]]
date-element      = std-date-element | ord-date-element | week-date-element
std-date-element  = yyyy ['-' MM ['-' dd]]
ord-date-element  = yyyy ['-' DDD]
week-date-element = xxxx '-W' ww ['-' e]
time-element      = HH [minute-element] | [fraction]
minute-element    = ':' mm [second-element] | [fraction]
second-element    = ':' ss [fraction]
fraction          = ('.' | ',') digit+
offset            = 'Z' | (('+' | '-') HH [':' mm [':' ss [('.' | ',') SSS]]])

Example snippet with various property types:

Note: Arrays are not a supported field type.  Please break up arrays into single element key/value pairs in order to access them in the Experience and Audience Manager
  app_id: '123456',                             // String (example)
  email: '',                 // String (example)
  account: {                               
        internal_id: '123abc',                  // String (example)
        value: 49.99,                           // Decimal (example)
        created_at: '2020-02-22T06:55:59.000Z'  // Timestamp (example)
  custom: {                                     // Use to add additional parameters 
    additional_fields: {                        // Nested fields are okay,  
          anything_else: ' '                    // Arrays are not supported
    offer_url: '',     // String 
    offer_eligible: true                        // Boolean (example)

To find out how your account Admin can utilize variables by mapping fields check out our help document here.  

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