Installing Brightback via the pre-cancel API

Brightback cancel sessions start by identifying a subscriber to Brightback and fetching a unique cancel page URL for your customer. This article describes how to create a session from your server without adding Javascript in the client's browser.  

For an overview of how to install Brightback in your applications front end using our snippet check out the article here

Prior to the moment the user clicks cancel you would initiate a Precancel request to Brightback in your application.  There is no limit to how many installations you can make or where they live. You are free to make requests from your website, server or from inside of your application.  

Making Precancel requests from your server

If you would like to make your Precancel requests from your infrastructure's back end, all you'll need is to POST a valid JSON object to our Precancel endpoint along with your unique Brightback application id.

  "app_id": "BRIGHTBACK_APP_ID",               
  "subscription_id": "xxxxx",     
  "account": { 
    "internal_id": "xxxxx",      

Brightback's server will respond with a status of 200 if minimum conditions are met and include a unique URL for that cancellers session. 

  "valid": true, 
  "message": "" 

or if an invalid request was sent you'll receive a response in the 400's an error message highlighting the issue. 

  "valid": false, 
  "message": "ERROR_MESSAGE" 
Note: Your Precancel URL should be created prior to the moment of cancel so that a new session is created in Brightback that includes your cancellers current profile information. 
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