Reporting on Experience/Page Performance in Brightback

The Experience Performance report allows you to get a detailed breakdown of the performance of each of your Experiences (pages) in Brightback. This report allows you to view the various key Deflection Funnel metrics associated with each of your cancel pages to understand how various elements are peroforming. You can now answer the following questions:

  • How much traffic is going to each page for a given period?
  • How are my Cancel Experiences doing at driving overall deflection?
  • Which Page has the highest performing Offer/Loss Aversion/Passive Deflection?
  • How do Saves/Cancels/Watch List break down by Page + Reason within each Page?
  • Which Cancel Reason has the highest Offer Accept Rate?
  • Which Loss Aversion Card is performing best?
  • How is my a/b test doing?
  • How are my random offer tests performing?

And many more... This is one of the most powerful reports in Brightback, so let's dig into the details.

The Experience Performance Report lives under the Insights tab in Brightback, and provides you with a table view of each of your Experiences key KPIs. This report allows you to dig into the details of your Cancel Experience and ask the key questions needed to identify opportunities for improvement. There are a few key features to highlight here. 

Add/Remove Columns w/ Column Selector

The "Toggle column" selector allows you to add or remove columns from Brightback. For more on the definition of each of these metrics, visit this page

Breakdown Each Page by Reason 

You can select the purple > next to an Experience to expand it and see a breakdown of the metrics per individual Cancel Reason within this Experience. The subtotals for the entire experience will be shown in purple in this case. This allows you to dig into how specific reasons are performing within specific pages. 

Expand the View to see all Rows

You can expand the view to see all rows by selecting the purple minus button in the circle next to the "Experience" label. This will give you a full view of how each Experience + Reason combo is performing. 

Group by Reason Instead of Experience

From here you can also update the view to be grouped by Reason instead of by Experience by selecting the purple + next to the "Reason" label when the view is expanded. 

From here you can view how each reason performs across the various pages to identify if a certain page is performing better for a particular Cancel Reason. This is helpful for customers who are using reason-based offer targeting strategies to test specific offers on certain cancel reasons. 

Filter by Experience or Reason

You can also filter the Experience Performance Report by Experience or Reason by selecting the grey triangle icon next to the label to expand the filter selector. This allows you to hone in on specific Experiences or Cancel Reasons in the report while excluding others.

That is about it for the Experience Performance Report. We will be adding the ability to break down by Audience to this report in the near future to provide further visibility into your Brightback peformance. If you have any questions about the report, please contact and we will be happy to assist you. 

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