User Blacklist: Removing test sessions from reporting

When you are setting up your Brightback account, you'll want to test your installation and any changes you make as you evolve your cancel experiences.  You'll see your test sessions in your Brightback dashboard within a few minutes of testing as you prepare to go live.  Many of our customers want to start with a clean slate when it's time to launch.  Brightback provides you with the option to remove certain users or entire domains from your dashboard. 

Head over to Settings > Users > Manage Blacklist and enter the domain name or individual email addresses of users you would like to scrub from reporting.  

Note: Adding an email address or domain to the blacklist doesn't disable functionality.  Precancel requests, webhooks, alerts, targeting, and billing updates will act as normal. 

Blacklisting domains

The first option: Blacklisted Domains, removes all results from the dashboard for an entire domain.  It's recommended to add your company domain (or staging domain if it's different here).  In the example above any test session for users at would be scrubbed from results.  e.g.,, etc. Joe, Jane, or anyone at could run cancel sessions without affecting results in the dashboard. 

Blacklisted emails

The second option: Blacklisted emails, removes individual users from reports.  In the example above any sessions from would be scrubbed but other users of would be reflected in reporting.  

Note: The blacklist can be updated at any time so don't worry if you started testing Brightback and forgot to update the blacklist.  Simply make your update, wait 24 hours and those records will be removed from results. 
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