Simple Targeting in Brightback

If you sign up for a Trial of Brightback or are on the Essentials Plan, you will see our Simple Targeting tab by default. This Simple Targeting allows you to define basic A/B tests or define simple rules to target pages.

Note: If you are currently on our Performance or Enterprise plan, you will see a different view of the targeting page.

Here you can customize your Targeting tree to fit whatever setup you desire. There are a few core components of the Targeting tab that we will go through in more detail:

  1. % Targeting
  2. Rules Targeting

% Targeting

The % Targeting tab allows you to create an a/b test, either between your First Test Page with an Offer and a No Offer Holdout, or between two different Offer Pages. By default we will show the two pages you have when you start here, but if you want to add another page to the mix, go to the Pages tab and copy your First Test Page. 

Now we have set up an Offer test where we are splitting traffic between a Pause and a Discount Offer while sending 5% of our overall traffic to the No Offer Holdout. This is an effective testing strategy to determine which Offers drive the best performance for your customer base. If you want to add additional Pages + Offers to the mix to test, you may be a good candidate for our Performance Plan Targeting

Rules Targeting

We also provide the option for you to set per-Page rules-based Targeting on the Essentials plan. To do so, select the "Rules Targeting tab." 

When you select Rules targeting, we give you the option to define criteria for each of the test Pages you have, and then by default send anyone else to your No Offer Holdout. 

Here, for example, we define the "High Value Audience" as users whose Sub Value is greater than 500 and the "Low Value Audience" as users whose Sub Value is less or equal to 500. The Properties available here are all the fields you have mapped in the Settings tab. 

Here you can see we want to target our discount at the Low Value Audience and our Pause at the High Value Audience. This is a common use case for Rules targeting, you want to show certain content of Offers to some customers but want to restrict them from others. If you need to define more than one or two Audiences or want to set up test within your Audiences, check out Brightback's Performance Plan. 

If you have any questions about Targeting on the Trial or Essentials plan, please contact 

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