Key Date Fields in the Brightback Customers Page

The Brightback Customers Page presents you with a list of the customers that visited a Brightback Cancel page during a given time period and several key metrics about these customers. Included in this page are four key date fields that help you understand your customer's progression through Brightback. They are:

  • Start date: the date the customer arrived at the Brightback page
  • Last active date: the last time the customer visited a Brightback page
    • In many cases, this will be very close to the Start Date, but in the case of customers with multiple cancel sessions it may vary
  • Cancel date: the date the customer completed a cancel via Brightback
  • Save date: the date the customer was marked as Saved in Brightback

These dates are used throughout Brightback's various reports so it is important to understand which specific date you are looking at. Additionally, if you Export the Brightback customers report, these fields will be provided in two formats, the generic timestamp filed w/ the following format Start date: "2021-12-03T02:35:54.000Z" and an additional field for each date, Start date UTC: "2/3/21". This second field allows you to use the raw date value in the export to report on and the full timestamp field allows you to convert the UTC date into your current timezone. Dy default the dates in Brightback are shown in UTC format today. 

If you have any questions about dates in Brightback, contact and we will assist you. 

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