12/3/19 Reporting Logic Updates

We’ve updated our reporting logic to improve the consistency and accuracy of our reports. Here's what to expect from Reports moving forward.

Improved consistency across Reports

We now use a standard set of queries to populate the Dashboard, Insights, Trends, and Customers Pages. Before, different reports leveraged different queries, producing slightly different results. We've unified the logic to eliminate confusion, maintain consistency, and increase accuracy of the Customer Page Reports. 

Customers Page logs all Events

The Customers Page now presents an Event Log for Cancel Page outcomes, meaning Saved customers that subsequently Cancel now show up in both the Saves and Cancels Customers Pages, keeping things consistent with how we present data throughout the Brightback app. For more details on how Brightback Reports are calculated, check out our Reporting terms and definitions guide. 

No more resets on the Watch List

The Watch List no longer resets when a customer visits the Cancel Page and deflects again within the 30 day save window. Previously, if a customer landed on the Cancel Page again and was deflected again within 30 days, it would reset the clock giving another 30 days on the watchlist. We've constrained this time to enforce actionability. 

Duplicate filter for double Cancels

We implemented an improvement to the way we de-dupe Cancel events per customer: the unique cancel period.  The unique cancel period is a defined amount of time after a Cancel event that filters duplicate visits by the same Customer to the Cancel Page, removing them from Reports. The unique cancel period is set to 60 days on accounts by default, but can be configured by contacting support@brightback.com. 

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