Turn Alerts On/Off for Event Notifications

You asked, we listened. Under Settings, you can now turn alerts on and off for key Brightback events including emails and Slack notifications.


You can now pick and choose which event notifications can be turned on and off for the following actions:

  • Viewed cancel page
  • Deflected
  • Canceled
  • Sent an email
  • Followed a link
  • Initiated a chat
  • Accepted an offer
  • Saved

You have the option to turn an entire alert off by setting it to inactive. Or you can turn off only a single notification (Slack or email).


What you should know:

  • For now, you won’t be able to configure the copy of an alert, edit an email address or configure the channel an alert sends to in the Settings page. Is this functionality you’d be interested in? Please provide feedback. 


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