Navigating the Dashboard

The Brightback Dashboard contains five out-of-the-box reports that display a high level overview of your Cancel Page performance: Save Performance, Deflection Funnel, Saves, Cancels, and Active Watch List.

Save Performance

The Save Performance Report helps you to monitor changes in your Save Rate over time. Compare Save Performance before and after making changes in your Cancel Flow to assess the impact of changes and analyze the results. 

The Save Performance Report plots the 30 day weighted average of the daily save rate for the time period selected. In other words, each day’s save rate represents the weighted average of the preceding 30 days worth of daily save rates, weighted based on each day’s volume.
View any day’s individual Save Rate by hovering over the plot point. 
When filtering the Report by date, the Save Performance Report presents the first date with a registered Save in that date range, and ends with the most recent Save within the date range. For time periods greater than we have Cancel Page sessions for, the chart goes to zero for days with zero sessions. 

Deflection Funnel

The Deflection Performance Report presents a breakdown of your Cancel Page performance by outcome, showing how many unique accounts visited your Cancel Page during a given time, and what happened to them. 
The Deflection Performance Report calculates from when the customer  visits the Cancel Page. Other Brightback Reports calculate from the  Event, like a Save or a Cancel. As a result, the Deflection and Save calculations may vary slightly from Reports that calculate from the Event date trigger.
Hover over any component in the Deflection Performance Report to receive a summary including the number of accounts for the component and the rate for that outcome.


The Cancels report showcases the overall makeup of high level Cancel Reasons over time by percentage. The total number of Canceled Accounts for that timeframe sits at the top of the chart. 
Hover over a slice in the pie chart to highlight the Cancel Reason it represents, or hover over any Cancel Reason to pull out the pie chart slice. 
Clicking on a Cancel Reason brings you to the Insights Report for more in depth reporting on Cancel Reasons.   
Click  View Insights Report to head directly to the Customers Report Canceled list to drill into Cancel Reason specifics and export the list. 


The Saves report shows you trends in Saves over time. Brightback considers a customer Saved if they still have an active account 30 days after visiting your Brightback Cancel Page. View the total number of Saves for the selected time period in the top left corner of the dashboard card.
Mouse over any bar on the chart to see the number of Saves by a select time frame. The time period presented in the bar chart regroups based on the length of time period selected. 
If a full year is selected in the date picker, each bar represents Saves for one month, periods less than 6 months group Saves by weeks.
Click  View Trends Report to head to the Saved Customers Trends Report to break down your Saves by the Category of Reason offered, the specific Reason they accepted an Offer for to deflect, or the Last Action they took. 

Active Watch list

The Active Watch list report shows you the five most recent customers that hit your Cancel Page but did not proceed to cancel as well as the total count of customers on the watch list at any given time. Note that the Watch list total count will not filter by date, as it is a static total of what is currently on the watch list. 
  • First attempt shows how many times the customer has visited the Cancel Page
  • Saved shows if the customer has been Saved since visiting the Cancel Page
  • Age calculates the time from when the customer landed on the Cancel Page
Clicking  View all Accounts brings you to the Customers Watchlist Report to export the list.
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