Intercom Integration

Intercom Integration Checklist 


  1. Go to the Brightback Admin Page
  2. Click Settings in the lower left hand corner
  3. On the left side, see “Integrations
  4. Navigate to “Intercom” listed under “Integrations” and click “Connect
  5. The modal will pop up that lists the benefits of connecting to Intercom
  6. Click “Connect to Intercom
  7. Sign-in to your Intercom account
  8. Intercom should be integrated into Brightback 
  9. After the integration, create a rule "IF source is brightback then assign to [company name] inbox". For more questions about Intercom auto-assignment, please visit the intercom article.

NOTE: There is no way to setup different welcome messages based on the group that users are in therefore users receive standard communications. Additionally, ensure the right Intercom instance is by checking your profile on the bottom left hand side on Intercom.

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