Getting Started Guide

Since Brightback is such an integral part of your overall save strategy, we dedicate a Customer Success Manager to work closely with your team to ensure you get your page up and internal workflows in flow as soon as possible.

Getting up and running with Brightback takes 7 simple steps. We’ll get you setup with your Brightback Page, all you need to do is embed the Brightback Javascript snippet to your existing cancel button, manage notifications, and connect to your favorite apps. Start from step one and keeping going, or skip to any section below. 
  1. Design your Brightback Page
  2. Customize your Offers
  3. Install Brightback.JS
  4. Connect to all your favorite tools
  5. Invite your team
  6. Manage Alerts
  7. Marvel at your trends and insights
  8. Rinse and repeat

1. Design your Brightback Page

Everything starts with the Brightback Page. When your customer hits cancel or downgrade, we redirect them through the Brightback Page to immediately alleviate in-the-moment pain points by offering on-the-spot solutions, and learn from past pitfalls to win em’ next time. 

Already know what you're looking for? You can get to work on requesting design elements for your Brightback Page here: Brightback Page Request.

2. Customize your Offers

Offers work in tandem with the Reasons Survey on the Brightback Page to save your customers by providing help and Offers based on the reason a customer cancels (or downgrades). The customer's problem gets fixed, and you get to keep them. It's a win win for everyone!

3. Install Brightback

Brightback requires a technical install on your side to redirect customers through your Brightback Page. The Brightback JS snippet brings in customer data to personalize the cancel or downgrade flow to present Offers relevant to your customers plan, usage, or lifetime value. 

Follow these installation instructions to plug Brightback into your Cancel button: Installing Brightback

4. Connect to all your favorite tools

Brighback plays nicely with many of the tools in your stack to personalize the experience when customers land on your Brightback Page and help create workflows around saving and winning back your customers. Here's a list of who we work with, out of the box:

  • Salesforce - Use Salesforce Fields to personalize your Brightback Page and Offers
  • Slack - Get Alerts of Brightback Events in a Slack Channel
  • Intercom - Engage Canceling customers with chat from your Brightback Page
  • Segment - Connect Brightback Analytics to any other analytics tool
  • For everyone else, connect using Zapier!

5. Invite your Team

Combatting churn is a team sport, so it's important that all your team players get insights from Brightback. Not sure who those players are? We put together a guide on how each department benefits from Brightback insights.
Brightback plans include as many users as you need to access your analytics. No need to juggle licenses, simply get the whole team onboard. 

Adding team members is easy, just follow this guide: Add your team to Brightback

6. Manage Alerts and Emails

Alerts help keep you in the loop whenever a customer triggers events on the Brightback Page, like accepting an Offer or completing a Cancel. Receive Alerts by both Email and Slack, and configure them in the Settings menu following this guide: Manage Alerts.

Note: If you choose the Send Email Offer modal, especially recommended for missing features or customer support issues, the Send Email Alert controls that notification.

7. Marvel at your trends and insights

As customers move through your Brightback Page, your Reports start to populate. Here's where you can see the benefits of your Brightback Page become tangible and actionable. 

  • Monitor your Brightback Page performance on the Dashboard with the Deflection Funnel, Save, Cancel, and Watchlist Reports: Navigating the Dashboard
  • Unearth invaluable Insights into why people leave with the Insights Report: Understanding the Insights Report.
  • Discover how the reasons people leave (and what gets them to stay!) changes over time with our Trends Report: Discovering Trends.
  • Just want an easy, exportable list of all the customers that hit your Brightback page, Saves, Cancels, and Watchlist? Check out our Customer Pages: Getting to know Customer Pages.

8. Rinse and repeat

Once your Brightback Page has started collecting details and data about your Customers, refine and optimize! Find out what works, what doesn't, and start building out your experience based off different audience Segments, or explore different use cases like Downgrades and Trials.

Need a little bit more help to get started? We're always here! Give us a shout with any questions: Contact Us

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