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Brightback has defined six category reasons based on extensive market research and customer feedback. Brightback maps all customer reasons to Brightback Categories to provide global benchmarking and analysis on a per-category basis.  You will need to choose the category that best fits the reason you expect to show in the survey.   

Note: We realize that not all possible categories are available here so choose the one that best fits your survey question. It won't affect what your canceller sees in the Experience.

In this article we'll cover how to create a survey reason and place it in an Experience from start to finish by performing the following steps:

Add a survey reason

Placing a reason in an Experience

Randomized order in Cancel session

Start by navigating to your Brightback Experiences and selecting the Survey Reasons link. 

You'll be presented with the "All Reasons" tab followed by a list of your active experiences. You can add and edit all of your reasons for this tab or select an individual experience to show or hide where those reasons are placed.

Add a Survey reason to your reason pool

Navigate to the bottom of your list of reasons let's select Add a reason.

You'll be presented with a list of categories and sub-reasons. Select the most appropriate category and the standard reason that most closely matches the text you would like displayed. 

Let's click Pricing and choose a reason from the list. Let's assume Not getting what customer paid for is pretty close to our final copy but needs some editing so we'll manage that in the next step. 

Pro Tip: Don't worry about the final copy when selecting from the standard reason list. The display copy the customer views is mutable at any time in another step.

Now we see our standard reason in All reasons list but it isn't in use and we'd like to change the copy. 

Click into the reason and you'll be able to edit the message that your canceller sees. 

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Placing reasons in experiences

Now that we've finalized the copy we'd like to show our canceller the final step is placing that reason in experiences.

Select the dropdown menu on the right where you'll see another list of your active pages.  Check the box where you'd like that reason to be see.

When you've settled on all of your edits and places click publish changes.

Pro Tip and a Warning: Publishing changes will instantly update your reasons across all of your applications.  Only press Publish changes when you've settled on your final copy. 

That's it! You are now a Brightback reasons expert. As always for questions or comments send us an email.

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Randomized order in Cancel Sessions

Note: Reason order will *not* be randomized in the app preview area. Reason order will be randomized for every cancel session to mitigate first reason selection bias. 

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