Brightback Category & Reasons

Brightback has defined six category reasons based on extensive market research and customer feedback. Brightback maps all customer reasons to Brightback Categories to provide global benchmarking and analysis on a per-category basis.  You will need to choose the category that best fits the reason you expect to show in the survey. To begin we suggest that you start by taking your list of Survey Reasons and finding out which Category and Brightback Reason they most closely align with.

Note: We realize that not all possible categories are available here so choose the one that best fits your survey question. It won't affect what your canceller sees in the Experience.

Brightback Survey Reason Library starts with eight main categories of Cancel Reasons that we have found tend to resonate across customers. They are:

  1. Product
  2. Needs
  3. Pricing
  4. Execution
  5. Customer experience
  6. Company
  7. Shipping & handling

You will see these Categories presented first when you go to add a new reason in the Reason Library. 

Then within each Category, we have a subset of Brightback Reasons that we have standardized from working with other Customers. Try to find the Brightback Reason that maps best to your specific cancel reason. This step is important because it will allow us to connect that reason to our cross company benchmarking later. For example, how do you compare to the industry average at deflecting customers who select reasons related to shipping delays for example, or poor customer onboarding experiences? Taking some time upfront to get this right is worth the effort. 

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