Brightback Wall of Fame

Looking for inspiration on how to structure your Brightback Page? Here's a collection of examples of what our customers' Cancel Pages and Downgrade Pages look like.

We Feed Raw

We Feed Raw is a subscription pet food service that delivers the healthiest diet possible for your pet. They save 8% of customers canceling for pricing reasons by offering an option to Pause. We like this page because it captures Reasons specific to their customer base.


Unbounce is a subscription SAAS company that produces landing pages for websites.

The team at Unbounce is all about encouraging engagement with their team at the point of cancel. Customers can start a chat on the Cancel Page using our Intercom integration, and opportunities to engage are peppered all through their Cancel Reasons. Engaging with support results in an almost 10% overall Save rate 💪


Pipedrive, a SAAS company, uses social proof in an Image Card and a Missing Features card to show customers all the value they'll miss out when they cancel. We love it because out of their Saves, 25% are clicking the Nevermind button attributing to the value of the cards. 


KeepTruckin' offers best-in-class, end-to-end fleet management solutions and Electronic Logging Devices for drivers, fleet managers and fleets of all sizes.

Their Brightback Page showcases what features customers lose when they Downgrade. We love it because 15% of their saved downgraders click the Nevermind button, suggesting the Loss Aversion cards doing their job!

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