Brightback Offer Library

Offers are Brightback's secret weapon for saving customers. Offers actively deflect customers from canceling by automatically presenting the right fix, to the right audience, at the right time. Customers that accept an offer get categorized as Deflected and land on the Watchlist in Reports for 30 days. 

Brightback Offer Library

You can view all of your offers by navigating to the Offer Library within the Experience Manager. 
This tab will present all of your existing offers, grouped by their Offer Category. To edit an Offer, click on the individual card and it will launch you into the Offer editor. To create a new offer, click on the "+ New Offer" button in the top right corner of the page. 

Offer Categories

Brightback also organizes Offers in the following categories based on what's been most successful at winning back our customers customers. We have six different Offer categories:

  • Discounts: Percentage off, dollar amount off
  • Plan change: Downgrades to a lower priced plan 
  • Extensions: Suspending payment while continuing service
  • Pauses: Hold accounts, pause service and payment
  • Support & training:  Coaching calls, training videos, help guides
  • Customer feedback: Email feedback, chat with support

Offer categories are not only great for organizing your Offers, but also for refining offer strategy in the Offer Performance Report. View at a high level what types of Offers perform better than others to focus your efforts. 

Get started with Offers

Ready to create some Offers? Head to the Experience Manager and add Offers to your Brightback Experience by Creating a new Offer.

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