Add your team to Brightback

Brightback plans include as many users as you need to access your churn analytics. No need to juggle licenses, simply get the whole team onboard for no additional costs! 

Note: Since unlimited users can access Brightback included on all plans, it’s not currently possible to manage or delete Users. 

Adding Users

  1. Add Users in the Settings Menu in the lower left sidebar 
  2. Find the option to Invite Teammates and click Invite the Team
  3. Add your teammates email addresses in the pop-up modal. Add one email address per line and click Send Invites
  4. Verify with Teammates they have received and accepted the invitation email

Who should I add to Brightback?

Saving customers is a team sport, so we recommend adding folks from your Product, Marketing, Support, Success, Revenue, and Finance teams. Here's a breakdown of how each team benefits from analytics in Brightback.


Every subscription service should have an exit survey for canceling customers, that’s just basic best practices. Brightback takes that exit survey and aggregates the data into beautiful, easy to read reports to collect customer feedback on missing features, pricing, reliability, and overall product satisfaction. Keep an ear to canceling customers to help inform how the product needs to shift so more people stay.  


Customer retention is often owned by Marketing, but even in cases where it's not, misalignments in messaging and positioning can also reveal themselves with the Needs category on Insights report. Getting an uptick in responses that your product or service doesn’t meet your customer’s needs could mean your positioning and messaging isn’t resonating with the right audience. 

Customers canceling for missing features on features you do have? It happens! Drilling down on Comments section for the Missing Features reason gives you the knowledge needed to double down on your product marketing efforts so customers stay informed of what your product or service can do. 


33% of Americans say they’ll consider switching companies after just a single instance of poor service, and US companies lose more than $62 billion annually due to negative support experiences. Support Leaders can keep an eye on customers canceling for negative support experiences to measure the success of their support teams. 


Not only does it help customer success teams save cancels at the end-of-life for the customer, but it helps them learn how to improve the customer experience to make sure things never get to that point.

CrazyEgg found a large amount of cancels came from a failure to get set up, indicating they needed to improve their onboarding process. Not only did they deflect cancels with the offer to get set up with an expert, they used the insights to hire an onboarding specialist to get ahead of future churn.


You may know all the trends in how much you’re losing to churn, but Brightback helps you plan the budget to fix it. Put a dollar amount on specific problems to reveal how much you can spend to fix. Losing $150k due to customers never getting setup? There’s your budget for an onboarding specialist! Unearthing canceled accounts from negative support experiences? Allocate resources to staffing your support team so everyone can deliver top notch customer service every time. 
Having a better handle on trends for what % of churn is not preventable vs. the kind of churn you can fix by changing around the budget makes it easier to prepare for the losses you can’t prevent and fix the ones you can. 

In other words - just add everyone!

Build a culture around learning from customers and every part of the business improves. Knowing what causes your customers pain, and how to fix it, promotes alignment on building a product your customers love. 

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