Creating a Zapier Zap with Brightback

Tools that play together, stay together, and Zapier helps Brightback fit in well with the other tools in your software stack. Zapier moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can create automatic nurture drips with your marketing automation tools, or create support tickets from Brightback events. 

This guide walks you through the steps of creating a Zap that links Brightback to another service.  

Note: Using Zapier with Brightback requires having your own Zapier Account. If you're not already using Zapier, you can sign up here
Click “Make a Zap” from Zapier and find Brightback in the options for Triggers

Select the default event.

Click “Connect to Account” button and login to Brightback

Choose your company and App (should be default).  Then choose which Brightback events will trigger this Zap.  You can choose one or several events to fire the Zap.

Select the default Sample event for testing purposes.

Click Add a Step to add an action to be taken after the Trigger event.

Choose the Action/Search step in the left sidebar.

Choose your Action App.

Choose an Action from the destination app.

Click Connect to Account and login to the account for your Action App.

Follow Zapier's instructions for filling out the fields appropriate to the Zapier Action selected.

Send a test and verify (you're almost done...)

Enable your Zap by turning the toggle to ON

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