1/6/20 Segments in Trends Report

Good news for customers using Segments! Your Brightback Segments have made their way into the Trends Report 🎉

Just head to Trends to see how your Canceled and Saved customers break down by your existing Brightback Segments. If you're not already using Segments, learn more about them here: Understanding Customer Segments

Note: The Segment filter will only appear in your Trends Report if you have Segments enabled. If you'd like to add Segments to your account, let us know.

Great ways to use Segments in the Trends Report

Breakdown your Saves and Cancels by these popular Segments to get better insights on your canceling customers so you can take more targeted action to save them.

Plan type

Are those Freemium Accounts or Premium Accounts you are saving? The answer to that question can be dramatic to your business. If you have plans of different values, segmenting by Plan can help make sure you're maximizing your efforts saving customers that have the most impact on your business.

High vs. low usage

If you're wondering if you have product adoption problems, segmenting by usage can help diagnose! A high percentage of low usage customers could indicate you need to help customers find and use more of your product features, where a high percentage of high usage customers moving on might indicate a new competitor on the block, reliability issues causing loyal customers to take flight, or scaling out of your products. 

Account age

Customers that churn within the first 90 days likely were never onboarded properly to begin with, customers that churn after may have bigger issues. Find out if you have onboarding problems or retention problems by segmenting by account age, or streamline your success outreach by identifying the account age your customers typically leave and get ahead of it!

Account value

Not all customers are created equally, and that's why it's important to segment by account value. Look smarter in meetings by displaying how your retention efforts with Brightback are successfully saving higher value customers (or strategize with your customer success manager if that's not the case!)

Monthly vs. annual payments

Losing customers hurts. Losing customers that already put an annual ring on it hurts more. Knowing if you're saving customers that are annual vs. monthly helps you know if you can count on their cash flow for the year. Customers that use monthly vs. annual specific Offers can view Trends before and after adjustments in their Offer strategy to see the impact of annual discount incentives or targeted renewal efforts.

Want to add Segments to your Brightback Experience? Fill out this form and we'll be in touch: Segments Request Form.

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