1/23/2020 Insights Report Updates

The Insights Report has gotten a whole lot more insightful. Now view the number of visits to your Brightback Page alongside the number of Cancels, Saves, and Deflect Rate. 

Saves and Deflects show all Saves and any Active Watch List customers for the selected time period. Deflect Rate is the Save Rate when selecting periods that end more than 30 days ago, but this label is the most inclusive of the various time frames a user is likely to view the report.

This is how we break it down

Understand how Cancels breakdown by Reason to better understand why your customers leave (and what gets them to stay!)

See how your Brightback Page drives deflections for specific Categories or Cancel Reasons for more insights on which customers are savable to drive more deflections in these cohorts. 

Drill down into specific accounts that choose a certain Reason to deep dive into their comments around leaving. 

Show me the money (literally)

Customers our Stripe and Recurly billing integrations can toggle to Revenue View to see their data breakdown by Revenue instead of number of accounts. 

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