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Brightback App

Getting Started Guide

A step-by-step guide to get up and running with Brightback

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Settings and Installation

Managing Settings and technical tidbits to complete installation

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Saves and Deflection

All about your Cancel Page, Downgrade Flow, Reason Surveys, and Offers

8 articles


Navigating Brightback data for actionable insights

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Connect Brightback with your favorite tools

9 articles


SOC2, Safeguards, and subprocessors - everything to keep your data safe and sound

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Change Requests

Brightback Page Design

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Release Notes

1/23/2020 Insights Report Updates

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1/6/20 Segments in Trends Report

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12/3/19 Reporting Logic Updates

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10/7/19 Turn Alerts On/Off for Event Notifications

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10/7/19 Page Load Time Improvements

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